Friday, May 12, 2006

The Usual

I feel like posting to my blog today, but, as usual, I have nothing to say.

I was going to do a Raymi-style “this is what I posted one year ago today” thing, but when I looked, I saw that I had posted three posts on May 12th, 2005:

  1. A post about the fact that I’d got a new cell phone for work. It was boring to read, even for me.
  2. My now infamous “why would you bother reading this blog” post. It’s infamous because parts of it are out of date, and people keep mentioning those things to me, but really, the main thrust of the post are still as relevant today: There is no reason why you should bother reading this blog. I do now use Andrea’s real name, when posting about her, but I still don’t post any private details about our marriage; I do now post pictures, from time to time, but they’re still not any kind of a draw to my blog.
  3. A post about what it used to be like to go to the dentist, when I was younger. Also boring.
So that wasn’t worth it.

There was a post on Raymi’s blog where she hinted that she might stop blogging. (Fil, her partner, already did.) It would be too bad if she stopped blogging; it’s one of the few blogs out there worth reading. But it’ll be interesting to see how people react to her even suggesting it; she’s got enough rabid fans that I bet there will be a great hue and cry. But I commented and let her know that I’d miss her if she stops.

As a footnote, I finished writing this post during a conference call. I’ve been attending a lot of conference calls, lately. The kind of conference call I like best—and the kind I attend least often—is the kind where I don’t have to say anything.