Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dead Kennedys, Cont.

I remembered one other thing I had planned to say in my Dead Kennedys post. That’s the problem with doing 8 things at once, two of them being blog entries: you get in such a rush to get it done that you forget things.

On their Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death album, they had a song called Too Drunk to F**k. (You can probably all guess that that word is supposed to be, but I’m still not going to type it.) As opposed to many of their songs, which were concerned with social justice, or deeper topics, this was just a fun song, with no deeper meaning. Unfortunately, there are a number of people out there who claim to be Dead Kennedys fans, but only know this song. I’ve known full-out punks, with the mohawk haircuts, and the safety pins in their cheeks and all that, who had the Dead Kennedys logo (shown again on this post) on their black leather jackets, but if you were to mention Dead Kennedys to them, they’d be like “yeah, too drunk to f**k, man! Woo!”

It always disappointed me.