Thursday, May 18, 2006


My timing (and/or judgement) is still as good as it ever was.

I came to the office on Tuesday, and it was raining. So I used my umbrella, to go from the car to the building. However, on my way out to lunch, I forgot it. I got down to the lobby, looked out the door, saw the rain, and had a brief internal debate, in which it was decided that it was too much bother to go back upstairs and get it. So I braved the rain, and went to my car. It wasn’t raining too hard, so no harm done.

I went to a mall food court, had my lunch, and then went to head back to my car, only to see that the rain was now pouring down. It didn’t look like rain, out the mall doors, so much as a waterfall in front of the building. So I ran back to the car, and got soaked. By the time I got back to the office, the rain was, if anything, coming down even harder. And, of course, I couldn’t find a spot near the door. So I ran from the car to the building. If I had jumped in a swimming pool I might have gotten a little more wet, but not much.

So that was Tuesday.

On Wednesday, when I came to work, it was bright and sunny, so I left the umbrella in the car. Only to find the rain coming down again, when I left work Wednesday afternoon.

Which brings us to today, Thursday. It’s not raining right now. However, my umbrella is in the back seat of my car. I bet it will be raining by the time I leave.