Thursday, May 04, 2006


I had a conversation yesterday, with a colleague, in which I mentioned to him that I can get my hair cut anywhere—I don’t have to go to a fancy place, because my haircut is so basic, I can go to the cheap places, and it’s no big deal.

And then I went to First Choice last night—the place I usually go—and they did a terrible job. Nothing against First Choice, because they usually do a good job. (Well, like I said, my hair style isn’t exactly that hard to get right.) But my head looks awful right now.

The only saving grace is that they didn’t cut it as short as I’d instructed them to; which means that I’ll be able to go for another hair cut sooner, rather than later, and maybe someone can save it.


Anonymous said...

What's a hair cut?

Anonymous said...

I have a personal hair stylist, but coincidently, she works at the first choice hair cutters here in chath....errr, Walla-walla, Washington.

Anonymous said...

I knew it!

The Real Dark Knight lives on the Chatham Islands off the east coast of New Zealand!!!