Friday, May 05, 2006


So every once in a while on TV, or in the movies, or in magazines, or books, or commercials, or movie promos before the movies start, or on bus ads, or in those pamphlets you get in the doctor’s office, or in the farmer’s almanac, or on peoples’ blogs, or on internet news sites, or in songs on the radio, or in poems read by bohemians drinking coffee in coffee shops, I see mention of the seasons. However, whenever people talk about seasons, they always make up a bunch of names for seasons. Like “Spring”, or “Summer”, or “Fall”, or “Autumn”. And I wonder to myself: What is the deal with all of these fake season names? Sure, sometimes people use the name of a real season, like “Winter”, but it’s always in the context of all of these other “seasons”.

At first, I thought it might be some kind of a metaphor or something. I mean, with names like “Spring” and “Fall”, it sort of sounds like they might be metaphors for something, right? Like maybe this “Spring”—whenever that might be—is supposed to be the jumping off point for the year, and maybe “Fall” is… well, okay, I can’t think of a metaphor for “Fall”. And it all unravels when you get to “Summer” anyway; I mean, “Summer”? That’s not even a word! (And don’t even get me started on “Autumn”. What the hell is “Autumn”?!? What is that “n” doing in there?)

So the closest I can think of is that these “season” names probably come from some reference that I don’t get. Maybe Greek mythology; I was never that good at remembering anything from mythology. Or maybe something by Dickens, because I never read any of his books either. (For anyone who’s read Dickens, does the word “Autumn” sound Dickensian?)

Anyway, back to the real seasons. Winter has officially ended, and Construction season has begun. Which means I may be blogging less, until around November or so, because my drive home is taking much longer than it used to, so I have to spend more time driving, and less time doing other things.

On the plus side, the girls are starting to wear their Construction season fashions.


Anonymous said...

Is there an exhaust leak in your car again?