Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Death Revisited

After I posted my death post, I was feeling kind of dumb. All this time, I’d been assuming that everyone was wrong, and that middle-aged wasn’t really middle-aged. And then I found out that, no, they were right all along, and people tend to live longer than I’d been assuming.

But I felt a little bit better this morning, when I mentioned it to Andrea, and it turned out that she’d been thinking the same thing; that people don’t tend to live that long, and that the term “middle-aged” was a bit of a misnomer. So I had to explain the thing to her, trying to demonstrate what the graph looked like with my hands.

The net result of it, though, is that neither of us really want to live that long anyway. (The phrase “die young and leave a beautiful corpse” came up in the conversation. Not that my corpse will be beautiful at any age, but I’m sure it’ll look better at 32 than it would at 71.)


Anonymous said...

logans run had it right. have a manditory age when you're put under....might help you live life to the fullest...say 80...85.