Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Know, I Know, It’s Been a Long Time

Since it’s been longer than I’d like to admit since I last updated this blog, I guess it’s time I finally posted to catch people up on where I am in life.

First of all, I’ve dumped the iPhone, and gotten the phone of my dreams. In order to get it I had to find an unlocked version on eBay, so that I could use it on the Rogers network. (Andrea inherited the iPhone, but I don’t think she’s really liking it.) Any time I’ve told anyone that I swapped my iPhone for the Pre they’ve been shocked. Flabbergasted. They think I’m… strange. But I’m not looking back; I love the Pre. The only advantage the iPhone would have for me is that there are more apps for it, but I don’t need many apps in the first place. (I’d love a better Google Reader client for the Pre; other than that, there aren’t any apps I need that I don’t already have.)

Next, I’ve [finally] started using Gmail as my primary email address, instead of my ISP’s email. (I won’t put my address here, but it won’t surprise anyone. Fairly easy to guess, is what I’m sayin.) I’d had the Gmail address for a while, I just wasn’t using it for anything. But I was discovering that it was getting more and more easy to use the Gmail address than my ISP’s email for almost everything. Then I found that it was easier to use Gmail from my iPhone than my ISP’s email (I was able to receive email, but when I tried to send it gave me weird error messages, and told my my password was wrong even when it wasn’t)—even though Rogers gives specific instructions for setting up your email on the iPhone. The instructions just don’t happen to… you know… work. Whereas Gmail works great. Then I switched to the Pre, found that I had the same issue, and said forget it; why am I bothering with my old email address? I’ll just use Gmail. So far, I’m loving it. And there are advantages to having all of your email “on the cloud” (instead of having some on the email server, and the rest in your PST file at home).

Next, and more exciting than anything I wrote about so far, we finally took a vacation. (Yes, you heard me right: a vacation.) We took a Caribbean cruise, on Carnival, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was with Andrea’s family—13 of us altogether, which is why a cruise made so much sense—and we took lots of pictures, which you can see here. You’ll notice that none of the pictures include any people, they’re all scenery and landscapes. That’s because the pictures that include people are private, so that only friends and family can view them. (If you have a Flickr account, and are a friend or family, let me know your Flickr ID and I can add you to see them. Not that they’re spectacular or anything, but still… It’s nice to see.)

Finally (for the purposes of this blog entry), and most importantly, I got a new job. (I’m pretty sure I never stated the name of the company I work for on this blog, so I’ll continue the tradition and not state the name of the new company I’ll be working for either.) It’s essentially the same type of work I do now, for slightly better money. The main thing is that I’ll be moving from client to client, which I miss (I’ve been working for the same client for almost eight years), and I’ll be doing a lot of traveling. Anyone I know in my field who’s done a lot of traveling has burned out, come to hate it, and warned me vehemently that I’ll grow sick of it too. That may very well be, but until it happens, I’m going to enjoy it. I haven’t done a lot of traveling for work, but when I have, I’ve loved it, so I definitely haven’t grown sick of it yet. I start on Monday, and, as you can imagine, am very excited about it.