Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Weekend

I don’t really have too much to write about, but I have a few minutes, so let’s get to it!

We did the Mother’s Day thing on Saturday, because that was when my family was able to get together. Nothing special; just got together at my grandparents’ house, with my parents and one of my cousins, and had a nice meal. Including asparagus, which is my favourite vegetable (I think), and which was really fresh. Right off of the farmer’s field. So that was good.

My mom also brought me a cake, since my birthday just passed; beet cake, with home-made cream cheese icing. (It’s like carrot cake, but with beets instead of carrots, obviously.) This is my favourite type of cake; every year, for my birthday, my mom makes it for me. Except for the last couple of years, because she had lost the recipe. But she has now re-found it, so I got my cake this year. (And I ate it too. *insert canned laughter here*) Unfortunately, she can’t remember where she found it, so there is a chance I won’t get my cake next year, if she puts it back there and “loses” it again. At any rate, I have a very large amount of cake sitting in my fridge, but I’m sure I’ll be able to get through it, because I like this cake enough that I usually have some after every meal. And sometimes between meals. But hardly ever as a substitute for a meal.

On Sunday, we didn’t have choir practice in the afternoon, so instead we went out to lunch with Andrea’s dad and sister. We went to Bombay Bhel—my favourite Indian restaurant—and the food was even better than usual. It was busier than I’ve ever seen it (because of Mother’s Day, no doubt), but we still managed to get in after only a short 5 minute wait, which was nice.

Then, unfortunately, Andrea and I spent the bulk of Sunday evening cleaning the house. I hate cleaning the house. I especially hate cleaning the bathrooms—my assigned duty—so it’s even worse. But at least it’s clean, for the time being. Of course, we’re hoping to have some people over on Saturday, which means we’ll have to clean it again.


Anonymous said...

Apparently I use 'apparently' excessivly. As much like you I'm sure I have others.