Friday, May 23, 2008


I’ve started exercising again. Not real exercising, just push-ups and “crunches” in the morning, before I shower. I figure I’ll wait until I get into a little better shape, and then increase to something more substantial.

However, I’m finding that even the little tiny bit that I’m doing is already making me sore. I’ve done it two days in a row now, and my arms and my stomach muscles are… I wouldn’t say “hurting”, but I constantly feel them. (So I’ve really fallen out of shape from what I used to be able to do.)

We’ll see how long I keep it up, before I decide that an extra five minutes of sleep is more important than exercise, and I give it up.

Plain Ruffles

I was on the subway yesterday, on my way downtown, and I saw this sticker stuck to the seat in front of me:

If you can’t read that (since my camera phone sucks), it says:

Mom bought plain Ruffles
I never understood that
So many flavours

Beginning XML on the shelf

It’s a great feeling to walk into a bookstore, and see your own book staring out at you from the shelf. Not just the spine, but the front cover—which means that my publisher has made a deal with the bookstore to display it that way.

the book on a shelf

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Indiana Jones

When I was younger, I really wanted a fedora, like the one that Indiana Jones wears. In fact, it was a great disappointment to me, when my family went to Disneyworld—specifically, Hollywood Studios—that I didn’t get a chance to look around for one I could buy. There is also a good chance that I decided to buy my leather jacket—which is brown—because of Indiana Jones.

It turns out that I’m not the only one who wants to dress like Indy.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tired. So tired.

May has been a terrible month, at work. (And the remainder of the month will continue to be terrible.) I was talking with one of Andrea’s cousins the other day about the fact that both she and I are so tired, these days, that we have trouble falling asleep. Which explains why I haven’t been posting here; if I’m too tired to sleep, then I’m definitely too tired to blog. (And/or too busy.)

Uh… except for this post, of course.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Yeah, yeah, I’m not posting very often. Too bad. You can just read some other blogs, for a while.

So here we are, over a week since my last post. And nothing much has happened in between. Well, except for my birthday; that happened this week. But that wasn’t really a big deal, either; I didn’t go out or celebrate or anything. (I’m 34 now, and 34 isn’t really a magic number, for me. Maybe when I turn 40 I’ll celebrate more.)

But, in honour of my birthday, I thought I’d look back through my blog, and see what’s happened since my last birthday. Here are some of the highlights, of the last year:

And that’s about it. Other than the new car, nothing too big really happened this past year. We’ll have to see if my 34th year is more exciting than my 33rd year was…

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Roll up the Rim 2008

I forgot to write about it, but I guess it’s pretty safe to say that Roll up the Rim season is over for the year. I finished the year with seven winning cups, out of sixty-eight altogether. Five coffees, two donuts, and zero GPS systems. But wait—why am I writing that, when I can just link to the spreadsheet on Google Docs, and you can see for yourself?

I love technology…