Friday, December 18, 2009

Backing Up Your Data

There seems to have been a bit of a meme going around lately about backing up your data.

The first post I read was from Joel Spolsky, advising that talking about backups isn’t good enough, we should be talking about restores.

I then read a post by Jeff Atwood about his recent horror story in losing a ton of data from his blog, because of a lack of backup strategies, and then another post by someone else (whom I can’t currently remember) which was similar to Atwood’s, in that they lost a bunch of data from their blog because they hadn’t backed up. (And reading between the lines, I think Atwood felt even more stupid, because of a previous post of his, in which he outlined an extremely simple, yet effective, backup strategy.)

All of these posts seem to be telling me something, and telling me loud and clear. And yet I’m still not backup up my data.

Oh, that reminds me. My pastor sent an email yesterday, asking how to do something on the church web site, and I sent him some instructions, which may or may not have been clear; maybe I should back that up, right now before even clicking Submit on this blog post, just in case things go badly…

There. That only took a second. I should do that more often.