Friday, March 24, 2006


Today was a strange day. It doesn’t seem like I got too much done, but, on the other hand, the day just flew by, which only happens when I’m busy. But I have 45 minutes to kill before it’s time to go home, so I guess I have time to whip off a blog entry.

I have nothing to say, but, say it with me now, “I never do, so why should that stop me now?”

This Weekend

This weekend is going to be long, in a sleep-deprived kind of way. We’re taking the Youth Group roller skating tonight, and the rink is open from 9:00 to midnight—and it’s quite likely that we’ll actually stay until closing. Then I have a whole lot of kids to drive home. I don’t see myself getting home before 1:00AM, unfortunately. But I can’t sleep in tomorrow, either, because we’re going back to the studio tomorrow. (Did I mention we were going to the studio? Yes, I did? Phew. Never mind, then.) We did the instrumentalists on Saturday, and the singers are going go record tomorrow.

That doesn’t actually involve me, but I’m going as a chauffeur, so I have to get up at a decent time. I don’t mind, though—or wouldn’t, if I wasn’t expecting to be so tired—because I love being in the recording studio, even if I’m not involved. I just hope I’m not going to annoy the guy who runs the place; I sometimes get the impression that I’m annoying him, even though I’m trying not to. I get the impression that he thinks that I think that I know what I’m doing, when I don’t, and I know that I don’t, but I don’t know if he knows that I know that I don’t. In any event, he’s a really nice guy, so even if he is annoyed, he’s hiding it well.

My Razor

I know that you’ve all probably been dying to have an update on the whole razor situation, so here it is.

As I had assumed would be the case, the electric razor doesn’t give nearly as close a shave as I used to get with the Mach 3. It is, in fact, a bit worse than I was hoping, at least when I touch my face. (To look at, I don’t think it looks like it isn’t shaved close.) And it’s not quite as quick as I’d like; it takes longer to shave than I had hoped, because I have to keep shaving the same parts of my face over and over again, until they’re actually “clean”. But it doesn’t irritate my skin, even when I shave the same spot a dozen times over, which is good. And I am getting better at it, which means that it’s taking less and less time each morning. (Although it still takes long enough that I don’t bother to shave, on days that we need to get to work early, because I don’t want to make us late.)


Still haven’t seen V for Vendetta. Hopefully will soon. ’Nuff said.


I was just looking back over my postings for the month, and remembered that I’d put up a post asking for peoples’ comments about how Jon Stewart did on the Oscars. The one time that I actually ask people to comment—instead of viewing comments as a burden, to be endured—and only two people did so. So I won’t bother with that experiment again.

(No, I’m not asking you to comment now. You had your chance, and you blew it. Heh.)

Rolling up the Rim

I’m still maintaining my list of winning cups. I’m currently at a 31% winning rate, and I’m still surprised every time I roll up another winner. (Still just coffee and free doughnuts; no cars or TVs or anything yet.) Looking back over the spreadsheet, the longest I’ve gone without winning has been 3 coffees. I’m still expecting that situation to change; I’m not expecting to win any more. (Although, you might have noticed that I used the word “yet” when I said that I hadn’t won a car or TV.)

My Eye

My eye is still slightly bloodshot, but not like it was.


Based on a comment on Tyler’s blog, I found a link to Keith’s blog—Keith is Tyler’s brother. So I’m now going to begin reading that on a regular basis, too. Who needs to keep in touch, when you can just read each others’ blogs? It works for me and James. And Jer. And most other people I know who have blogs…

And that’s all I have to say, probably for the rest of the weekend.