Wednesday, March 01, 2006


This week might not suck as much as I’d feared after all.

I made a mistake recently, which caused some problems at work. But people weren’t as mad about it as I’d feared they would be. And, in fact, it turns not not to have been a mistake at all, which is even better.

Does this mean that I’ll actually be in a mood to do some writing, when I get home tonight? Only time will tell. The day was only half over when I wrote this, which means that bad things could still happen... Also, Andrea is home sick today, so that might affect things.


David Hunter said...

Aha. I spoke to soon.

Things did indeed blow up this afternoon, for unexpected reasons. So I went from "oh no, what's going to happen?" to "Phew. I'm glad that's over!" and then back to "oh no, what's going to happen?" again.

grumble grumble frigging mortal coil grumble grumble