Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend is over, hence Monday

I don’t know if I properly used the word “hence” there; I looked it up, and it may or may not be correct. But I don’t really care. Comment away, if you want; I’m just trying to come up with new and exciting ways to title my posts.

We did a pretty good job in the studio on Saturday. Or rather, they did a good job—I wasn’t doing anything except making smart-alec comments.

While we were at the studio, Tyler called, and left his number. (Or rather, he got his errand girl to do it for him. Lazy, lazy Tyler.) But I wasn’t able to call back, because we left to go out Saturday night, almost as soon as we’d got home from the studio.

Then, Sunday afternoon, I had planned to call him first thing after church. (We didn’t have choir practice Sunday afternoon, which was nice and restful.) However, I fell asleep on the couch, instead, and he ended up calling me first—so now I feel guilty for not calling him back, and making him chase after me. But not overly guilty. In fact… just a second… wait for it… okay, I feel better now. I’m glad that’s over with.

I didn’t see Simpsons on Sunday, but I taped it. And I watched the beginning, and they used the live-action opening credits. Nice.

If you play guitar, or just like the sound of a really nice-sounding guitar, check out the Dixie Chicks website. When you load the website, it will begin playing a song that will be on their next album, called Not Ready to Make Nice. (The song, not the album; the album will be called Taking the Long Way.) A coworker pointed the site out to me, because he is really enthralled with the guitars on this song. And I am too, for that matter; they sound great. He’s been playing Dixie Chicks in his car, recently, and they sound pretty good, so I might go and pick up some of their CDs, the next time I’m music shopping. Also, they were one of the few sets of people who were protesting the war back before it was popular to do so, and America hated them for it—but now it’s pretty obvious that they were right, even to most right-wingers. I think a certain country owes a certain band an apology, don’t you?

I bought a coffee today, which didn’t win. Which isn’t too surprising, but it was the fourth coffee in a row that didn’t win. Previous to this, the longest I had gone this year without winning was three coffees. Could it be that I’m done winning for the year? Maybe so, maybe so.

I’m fairly sure I had other things to write about, but I can’t remember what any of them are, right now. I’ll have to post again later today, if I remember.

Oh, right, one more thing: A woman who had been reading over my book brought it back to me yesterday with her comments. So I’ll have to make myself go back to work on it soon, and incorporate her edits—if any are applicable—and then I should probably get to work on “publishing” it. (I put publishing in quotes, because putting it up on Blogger doesn’t really count.)