Friday, March 31, 2006

"And You"

If someone says “Have a nice weekend” to you, what do you say back? More than likely, you would say “you too”. (Or, if you’re really Canadian, you might say “Yeah, you too, eh?”)

But I used to work with a woman from England, who would say “And you”.

Person 1: Have a nice weekend!
Person 2: And you!

For some reason this stuck with me, and I started saying it. And even though it’s probably getting close to 10 years since I worked with her—no, it can’t be that long, can it?—I still do it. I don’t know why. Any time someone says something that would elicit a “you too” type of response, I respond with “and you”.

So if you ever meet someone on the street, who uses the phrase “and you” but is obviously not British, it’s probably me. Feel free to say hi, and let me know that you love my blog, and that I’m brilliant.