Friday, March 31, 2006


I’m disappointed with the internet, and I’ll tell you why:

I just found a link to a Simpsons Personality Test on a blog. “This oughta be good for a laugh” I thought to myself. You answer a few questions, and at the end it spits out a picture of a Simpsons character, and tells you why you’re like that character—with some handy-dandy HTML you can copy and paste into your blog. The problem is that the test was just plain dumb; it asked questions like “What’s your favourite phrase: ‘Aye Carumba’; ‘D’oh!’; ‘Burp’; etc.” (That wasn’t actually one of the questions, I just made it up, and exaggerated the foolishness for my own nefarious purposes.) It could have been really great, but it didn’t turn out that way, unfortunately.

The other reason I’m disappointed with the internet is also Simpsons-related. I found another site, a while back, that let you create your own Simpsons character. It had some kind of flash thing, and you choose the hair style/colour, head type, body type, clothes, etc. A very neat idea, actually, and I would post a link if I could remember what the URL was. (I think I came across it when I was reading a bunch of random blogs, but I don’t remember which one.) (Actually, I could probably just Google for it, but I’m too lazy.) (Actually, the funny thing is that I’m not too lazy to type in a URL that does a search on Google, but I am too lazy to actually read the results of that search, to find the site.) The only reason I was disappointed with this one is that I couldn’t get the character to look like me, so I had to give up.