Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Roll up the Rim

Well, it’s Roll up the Rim time here in Canada. (No, I’m not putting in all of the extra r’s, when I type that out.) I was going to somehow get pictures of all of my losing cups, but I ran into two snags:

  1. The camera in my phone isn’t good enough; the pictures are too blurry for you to read the words “PLEASE PLAY AGAIN” when I snap the picture. Even if I hold my hands really steady. Another option might be to pile up all of the cups, and take a group picture, but I don’t really want to have all of those empty coffee cups sitting on my desk until Roll up the Rim season is over...
  2. As opposed to previous years, I actually won something this year, on my second try. (A free coffee.) So that kind of defeats the purpose.


Anonymous said...

I love the 1:9 odds, and being able to choose any hot drink or get a muffin or cookie instead of the doughnut. Thumbs up!