Wednesday, March 22, 2006

V for Vendetta And Reviews Continued

To further the case against my point, I looked for other reviews for V for Vendetta on the web, and they’re all over the map.

Here are some I copied and pasted from Yahoo:

Critics ReviewsAverage Grade: B
SourceBrief ReviewGrade
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Eleanor Ringel Gillespie"The picture’s earnest politics are often as golly-gee cheeseball as its plot and characters." C
Boston Globe: Ty Burr"...turning as shallow as what it protests against."B-
Chicago Sun-Times: Roger Ebert"...actually interesting, inviting..." B
Chicago Tribune: Michael Phillips"...only if monotony qualifies as a lack of compromise." C
E! Online" ultimately a literate and intelligent film that will have people talking." A-
Entertainment Weekly: Owen Gleiberman"...has a playful-demon vitality, but it’s designed to let political adolescents of every age congratulate themselves." B Sean O’Connell" open rebellion against society’s close-mindedness..." B+
New York Times: Manohla Dargis"...sags when it should zip..." C
ReelViews: James Berardinelli"...2006’s first memorable motion picture..." A-
Rolling Stone: Peter Travers" action film that is not afraid to stop for thoughtful debate..." A-
San Francisco Chronicle: Ruthe Stein"...richly satisfying entertainment the way movies are at their best..." A
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: William Arnold"...a long way from a must-see movie." B-
USA Today: Claudia Puig"...visually exhilarating, provocative and disturbing." A-

(All of these review snipits had links to the actual reviews, but it was too much work to copy and paste all of that.)

If the reviewers can’t agree whether this is a good movie or not, then I’m back at square one: Do I see it, or not? In this case, the reviews don’t really help.

I only ever bother reading the reviews of the critics, not the general population; the general population reviews are always glowing, no matter how bad a movie was, so it’s not usually worth my time.


David Hunter said...

And the answer to the rhetorical question is that yes, I'm still going to see it.

Anonymous said...

Even though Hugo Weaving looks like the Phantom of the Opera on hardcore narcotics?

The trailers give me nightmares :(