Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I think I'm getting addicted

You would not believe how many blogs I’ve read in the last couple of days. I guess I’ve had a couple of not-too-busy afternoons, which gave me a bit of time to kill. When then happens, I usually turn to the blogs I read on a regular basis, and then when I’ve read all of them—if I’m still looking to kill time—I start clicking to the blogs that they link to. (Or reading the comments, and clicking the links of people who have commented.)

What I’m saying is not in any way strange; everyone who blogs does this, on occasion, I’m sure. (How else will you know that everyone’s blog sucks but yours, if you’re not reading everyone else’s blog?) I’m just amazed at the number of blogs I’ve actually seen in the last couple of days. (And yes, most of them are too boring to go back to—although I did mark a couple in my Favourites, because they have potential.)

The other day, as I was writing this post, I thought about mentioning that if you’re going to blog, you should probably read a lot of other peoples’ blogs. (Just like if you’re going to write, you should read a lot of books.) But I didn’t, and now I’m glad I didn’t.

Don’t bother. Most blogs are a waste of time, so you might as well just write about whatever the heck you want to write about, and be done with it, rather than wasting your time reading some other jerk’s boring blog about what they did yesterday.


Anonymous said...

knew I'd find you out here somewhere.....stay in some reading...

course I have to start writing again. started out of keith moving to colorado, and us keeping intouch in a somewhat creative way.


Anonymous said...

well i thought my blog was pretty exciting :-( *sniff* ...pfft...jk..