Monday, March 13, 2006

Quick Update

What’s this? A blog entry that doesn’t mention religion? Yes, it happens, sometimes. (Actually, almost all the time.)

I had a pretty good weekend. Andrea had the choir leaders over to the house on Friday night, for a leadership seminar/sleep over, so she wanted me out of the house. So I slept in a hotel that night. (If you think that it’s funny that I got kicked out of my own house, you’re not alone—some of the leaders who came over Friday night thought it was funny, too.)

But I didn’t mind at all. It was fun to go and stay at a hotel for a night. And, luckily, I didn’t find any bed bugs, so that was good. I got a bunch of writing done, and stayed up until around 4:00 in the morning. And, around 2:00, got hungry, and broke down and had some food from the mini bar. I’ll be paying off that debt for years. I was going to get a movie—they had The Constant Gardener, which I want to see—but they were $12 each, so I didn’t bother.

However, because I’d stayed up until 4:00, and then got up at a fairly normal time (10:00), I was pretty wiped Saturday; I spent most of Saturday afternoon sleeping. And was still able to get to bed Saturday night, which is not usual when I’ve had a nap in the afternoon.

Sunday was pretty normal, except that we limited the choir practice Sunday afternoon to just the instramentalists, and not the singers, so that we can practice the songs that we’ll be recording in the studio next weekend. (Did I mention that we’ll be going into the studio next weekend, to record some songs? No? Well, I have now.) That practice went pretty good; the musicians hadn’t practiced the songs that much together, but we caught on pretty quickly.

And Sunday evening I spent a whole bunch of time writing a huge blog entry—and talking to James while I did it (and asking for permission to post an MSN Messenger conversation, but not actually waiting to hear the answer before I did it). And then I talked to Jer for a while, and was tempted to post that conversation here too (Which would have given many of the hotel-related details I just relayed), but by that time I was bored, and just wanted to get off the computer and watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent with Andrea.


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Whipped. lol