Monday, February 13, 2006

Simpsons Coincidence

Since I have nothing else to post about, I’ll mention another Simpsons coincidence that occurred last week. (I didn’t write about it until now because it’s not worth writing about.) For long-time readers, you may recall that I regularly am thinking about some particular Simpsons episode, and then soon after I’ll turn on the TV and the episode will be on.

A similar thing happened last week. I had been watching an episode of Listed, on MuchMoreMusic, and it was an episode about the top 20 duos of all time. Now, aside from that fact that Andrea and I disagreed with some of their selections, one of the duos they mentioned was Wham—so, of course, for the next couple of days I had Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go running through my head. (And, after posting it here, I’m sure I’ll have it running through my head again...)

Later that week I was watching the commentary for the episode of the Simpsons where Homer is reunited with his mother, and at the scene where Mr. Burns plays the music over the loudspeakers, and finds out that Smithers had taped over it, the people on the commentary mentioned that the music Smithers recorded was originally going to be Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go but they couldn’t get the rights to it.

So, uh... yeah. You may now go on with your life.


Anonymous said...

I becoming scared that I can understand all of you previous blog references without looking. I really have better things to do, but for some reason I look forward to your posts Mr. Ferna.