Monday, February 20, 2006

Nothing important enough to read

Today’s going to be a weird day. (I say “going to be” even though it’s already half over.) I have two meetings I’m not looking forward to—one work-related and one not—and I have to do some work of a type that I don’t normally do, meaning that I won’t do it well. (I took a couple of cracks at that the phrasing for that sentence, and didn’t come up with anything I was happy with. So I left it as written.)

So now, as is often the case when I’m finding the time to write a blog entry, I’m not really doing anything. Just killing time, until one of those meetings starts. And waiting for a response to an email I sent to my manager. And wondering if it’s worth it to grab some lunch. (It probably is.)


David Hunter said...

Update: I did have lunch. And then I had my meeting, and it wasn't as bad as I'd been dreading. (It usually isn't.)

One meeting down, one to go...