Monday, February 20, 2006


This morning—or afternoon, I can’t remember which—as I was typing out a blog entry, I decided that I should put more pictures in my blog. Like, for instance, if I was posting about the fact that I just had canneloni for lunch, I should include a picture of canneloni on my blog entry. Or if I’m writing about how hard work is, I should include a picture of a guy hanging himself. You know, that kind of thing. I figured that a lot of the other blogs I read do that, so I should to.

But I’m not going to, unless I can think of a good reason to, or it would be a good joke. So if I got your hopes up there, for a second, I apologize.


Anonymous said...

can·nel·lo·ni ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kn-ln, kän-)
Pasta in large-sized tubes.
A dish consisting of such tubes stuffed with meat, vegetables, or cheese and baked in a tomato or cream sauce.


Anonymous said...

How rude. To correct a person of Mr. sernaferna's intelligence. Besides I already did it in the afternoon by MSN. :p