Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Shout Out

Based on my previous post, I got a shout out on a friend’s blog. (I hope that link works...) Jer, I would comment on your blog from time to time, but Yahoo 360 only lets Yahoo 360 members comment on blogs, of which I am not. Sorry.

I also got mentioned on another friend’s blog, although I don’t think that particular mention was due to my post. It was simply due to the kindness of my heart, of which you should all be in awe, because it’s a pretty darned kind heart.

Hint: If you read either of these blogs, looking for references to me, the references will be in code. I’ll sometimes be referred to as “Hunter”, which is a nickname, rather than “sernaferna”, which is my given name. (I don’t have a last name. I just have one name, like Madonna, or Cher, or Paris Hilton.) Actually, one of them did mention my real name, but misspelled it using capitals, as SernaFerna—but I can’t blame him for that, because even I have problems with it.