Thursday, February 16, 2006

serna Health Update

Well, most good things must come to an end, and I may be succumbing to the cold that I mentioned yesterday.

At the last minute we had to go to the emergency room last night, because someone we know was there, and I ended up going to bed late, and forgetting to take any Vitamin C. And then having to get up early today for a 9:00 meeting—which was moved at the last minute, meaning that I got up early for nothing—and forgetting to take Vitamin C again sealed the deal. I’m feeling the symptoms again, and this time, they’re staying with me.

So I foresee sick days in my near future, but who knows? Maybe with my newfound powers of recuperation, I’ll somehow manage to fight this off, and not have to take any time off work.

On the other hand, I probably wouldn’t mind taking a couple of sick days. To get to sit around and finish watching the Simpsons Season 7 DVDs, and any Daily Show and/or Colbert Report episodes that are sitting on the PVR? Maybe get some writing done? Sounds pretty sweet to me. I’m not the type to get bored easily, so sitting around for a couple of days doing nothing would be like a dream come true, for me...