Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Grey Drive Home

One of the last things someone said to me before I left work was that the weather was pretty bad, to which I replied that it wasn’t too bad where I am. And then I drove home, and discovered the awful truth...

This last one was meant to show that my side mirror was caked in ice—my own fault, for forgetting to clean it—but I don’t know if the picture really conveys that.

In case you were wondering, yes, I took these pictures while I was driving. An incredibly dangerous thing to do—especially in this weather!


Anonymous said...

We retreived the following pictures from Dave's camera at the accident scene but did not post them due to graphic nature:
1) from the ceiling his coffee cup drips
2) out his window, the horizon doing flips
3) rubberneck traffic and passersby
4) slow motion Walter the fire engine guy
5) some idiot who asked if someone’s inside
6) the jaws of life, as they tried and they tried

With all apologies to Barenaked Ladies

David Hunter said...

Not being a Barenaked Ladies fan, I don't recognize the lyrics. But I enjoyed that comment nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Where do I about, *sigh, shakes head* When will you learn. Not that this is a competition, but I wish I could have been able to see that far infront of me a couple of times on the way home the last couple of weeks. Or even to school for that fact. I'm sorry to say, that I don't have a camera on my phone so that I can show you the comparison and also increase my liklyhood of getting in an accident. Please, be more careful, I'm about ready to drive up there and take your phone away from you. It should only be used in emergencies, nudity, celeb sightings or any combination of emergency, nudity or celeb sightings. Read your user guide, it's right there in the print.

Anonymous said...

You have a very nice thumbnail... which indicates to me that you weren't "white knuckled" on the steering wheel... which indicates that it wasn't THAT bad of a drive *snicker*

David Hunter said...

At 9:30 or 10:00 I had to drive back, to pick up Andrea, and the drive was even worse; all of the above, plus fog. But no, the drive wasn't too bad. Just rainy and annoying—and, perhaps more importantly, a chance to use my camera phone again.

But don't worry too much about the safety:

A) At the speeds of Toronto highways, during rush hour, I could have not only taken these pictures, but typed up this blog entry as well (if I'd had a computer handy).

B) The main reason I took these pictures, and apparently it didn't show up, was that Lucy Liu had been in an accident, on the side of the road. Um... a naked accident. So use of the camera met all of the criteria.

Anonymous said...

Hrm... Apparently Lucy Liu is filming "Kung Fu Panda" in L.A. right now...

Your story has holes!!!

Anonymous said...

Some very nice holes, if ya know what I mean!