Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This post might be a bit gross. Feel free to skip it, if you wish.

The building where I work isn’t a high-rise or anything, but it has a few floors. Just before a conference call, I had to use the facilities, but the washroom was “out of order”. So I went downstairs.

When I got to the washroom downstairs, I was disgusted to find that not one, but all of the toilets were… ahem… shall we say, overflowing? It was nauseating.

So I went down another floor, to the next washroom, only to discover that all of the toilets there were overflowing as well!

By this time, I needed to get back up to my desk, and take my conference call, so I wasn’t able to go. Not that it was too much of a loss, though; at this point, the thought of sitting down on a toilet was not appealing to me.

Do you feel glad you read this? If so, all I can say is: You’re welcome.