Monday, July 31, 2006

Raymi Quote

Remember when I used to mention Raymi and Px on a regular basis, because they have two blogs that are actually worth reading, unlike most of the other boring drivel out there in the blogosphere? Remember that? Yeah, well, I’m not finding them as interesting anymore. I think the pressure of having a popular blog is getting to Raymi, while Px just isn’t posting quite as much anymore. But I still read them.

But I enjoyed a piece of a post by Raymi recently:

a few weeks ago i went [to fresh] to get some hangover medicine and i got the simple rice now MY idea of simple rice is RICE, the end. their idea of simple rice is rice with parsley and shaved carrot and exploded wheat and tofu "steaks" or tempeh. i had to ask what tempeh was and the dude was all it’s this really nice tofu that’s full of flavor and bla bla bla but here is the TRUTH: tempeh is garbage you find in a parking lot with bits of someone’s car tire slammed onto it and then it’s stepped on a lot by a bunch of shoeless homeless guys and birds regurgitate bread onto it and voila, tempeh.
So, um, yeah. That’s all I have to say. Or rather, that’s all Raymi has to say. In my blog. For now.