Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Remember when I said that I was going to start getting some exercise? Back in January? Remember that? Oh, those were pleasant, care-free days. Back when I thought I would actually get myself back in shape.

And then, remember the time when I realized that I probably wouldn’t be doing my exercise on the weekends? Good times, good times.

Oh yeah, and what about the time when for the rest of the year I never mentioned exercise or jogging again, because I just completely stopped doing it, just like 98% of the rest of the out-of-shape, almost-but-not-quite middle-aged guys, who vow to themselves that they’re going to get back in shape? That was great.

Well, I may or may not start it up again. I went out jogging this morning, before I took my morning shower, and may or may not keep doing so. Place your bets. Of course, if I do start jogging in the mornings, I’ll have to alter my finely-honed morning routine. As it is, I came to work today without shaving, because the jogging interfered with my precision schedule.


Anonymous said...

I have blisters on my feet from all the walking *I* do. Trust me, get a bike.