Monday, August 21, 2006

I’m back!

So I’m finally back from vacation. Finally? It doesn’t seem like I was gone for a week. I definitely did not come in to work this morning raring to go. Maybe I should get my writing career off the ground, so I can sleep in every morning and only work when I feel like it.

Since I didn’t write about any of this while I was gone, here are some of the things we did while I was on holidays. I’m sure there was more to write about than this, but this is all I could think of on a Monday morning.

Andy Warhol Exhibit

On Saturday (the 12th, not the 19th) we went to the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Very interesting.

And it inspired me with an idea of how I can use our new camcorder. Of course, it’s really just a blatant ripoff of something Andy already did. (Well, with a bit of a twist.) But still, at least there’s something. After I film it, I’ll have to think of other ideas, but one thing at a time.

Also, while we were at the AGO, we saw a painting by Joanne Tod, called Research & Development, which I loved. This might not do it justice, but I’ll try anyway:


On Sunday the 13th, we had a special guest at church. I won’t tell you who he was, but I will tell you that he got a warm reception. Of course, that’s because people thought he was someone else.

Also, as a side note, since I’m already writing about church: I was leading the service that morning, which means I was singing, instead of playing the guitar. One of the songs we were singing included the word “Amen”—a not uncommon occurrence—and I noticed, in practice, that some people were pronouncing it “ay-men”, and others were pronouncing it “ah-men”. So I asked if we should all sing it one way. “Of course!” everyone replied. “We’ll sing it ‘ay-men’. Why would anyone sing ‘ah-men’? I wouldn’t even be able to remember to sing it ‘ah-men’ if we decided that, I would just sing ‘ay-men’…” etc. etc. So of course, when we sang the song in the service, everyone sang it “ah-men”, except for myself and [I think] Kaitlyn. (And I mean everyone. Kaitlyn and I must have looked fairly foolish singing “ay-men”, while the rest of the church sang it “ah-men”.)

Was this important to mention in the blog? Heck no. Just thought I’d put it in anyway.


Per my earlier post, we drove up to Penetanguishene on Tuesday. Actually, it wasn’t our plan to drive to Penetanguishene. We just decided to head North on the 400, and see where the day took us. Somewhere around Barrie we started looking at the tourist signs along the highway, until we saw one that interested us: Discovery Harbour. So off we went, to Discovery Harbour.

All in all, we spent more time in the car than we did at Discovery Harbour.


Jeremy came to visit on Wednesday. (Hi Jer!) We went to Licks, which was throughly enjoyed by most. (There are people who were there with us that day who don’t enjoy Licks that much, because it’s too much food.)


We re-caulked our bathtub. (I say “we”, but really Andrea did most of the work. I helped a bit removing the old caulk, but she did everything else.)


As mentioned elsewhere, we went to Ottawa for a couple of days, to visit my sister. It was a good trip, preceded and followed by long drives. (Long drives during which Andrea was subjected to my taste in music, since I brought more CDs than she did.)

While we were there, we also stopped in at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, which was interesting. We didn’t have much time to stay, since we had to make the long drive back to Toronto in time for a party (which I’ll be discussing shortly), but it was still a good visit.


We went to a party Saturday night. Unfortunately, it was one of those parties that doesn’t really get started until after 10:00, and of course Andrea and I always have to leave around then, because we have church on Sunday mornings. But I still had a good time. I got to see some colleagues from the company I used to work at, which was nice.