Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Word For Your Mother

Based on some conversation around the house on the holidays, between my cousins and my mother, I decided to do some more work on my book on Microsoft Word. Once I got the enthusiasm going, I did a bunch of work on it over the last couple of weeks. (It’s up to about 200 pages, with three or four chapters that I haven’t even started yet.)

I also decided on a working title, which was actually suggested by my cousin: Word For Your Mother. Andrea is pushing for Word To Your Mother, to really make sure everyone gets the pun, but I’m still holding out for Word For Your Mother, because I’m a purist, and that title is more accurate.

In any event, I still haven’t decided if I would try to get it properly published. But there were enough people gathered at my family gathering who didn’t like/understand/know how to use Word that I figure there is still a market for this book. Of course, there are a million other books out there on Word, so one of those books might be better for them...