Saturday, January 21, 2006


I just forwarded the URL for my blog to a whole bunch of people—only some of which I probably know—via email.

So, just on the off chance that some of those people are visiting, welcome!

And if you’re wondering if you should bother coming here on a regular basis, here are my thoughts:

  1. First off, here is a post telling you why you shouldn’t bother.
  2. Second, here is a post where I mention that even I don’t know why I come here.
So... I guess I won’t see too many of you here after this. But it was nice of you to come anyway!


Anonymous said...

Ya know, I hate to cut people up (don't look at me like that), but funny is funny:

Point 1: I don't post any private details about my marriage. I don't even use my wife's name, let alone any private details about us.

1) Andrea and I went to a “Meet the Candidates” thing last night.
2) As I mentioned to Andrea last night
3)Andrea claims to have seen the Christian version a long time ago
4) waiting for Andrea to call
5) Apparently Andrea might be working late

My question is; Why do you use the name of a person who obviously doesn't exist, but not your wife's name?

David Hunter said...

that particular part of the post is out of date, because of this post.

Anonymous said...

Where's the link to the 2005 weblog entries? My name isn't Kreskin. Then again...

Ariel Sharon
West Virginia Coal Miner
Pepsi consumers who call me

*opens envelope*

People suspected of having brain damage

David Hunter said...

I've currently got Blogger showing all posts from the last 20 days. For anything previous to that, look for the Archives drop-down, off to the right, which goes by month.

March of 2005 is the first month, because that's when I started the blog.

David Hunter said...

Correction: Only the last 10 days are shown on the main page, not the last 20, as indicated.