Friday, January 13, 2006

Apparently, I have nothing to say...

Here’s how I have spent the last couple of minutes:

Went and checked out a blog, because I had commented on it earlier, and wanted to see if anyone responded. That, my friends, makes me a pathetic loser, but that’s a topic for another post.

Went to another blog, because I had a few minutes to kill. Read a new post, and commented on it. Then realized I had made a fool of myself in my comment—a not uncommon occurrence—and commented again. Which probably compounded the problem.

Still had some time to kill. Decided to post to my own blog about the fact that I’d just made a fool of myself, got partway done, and then realized that even I wasn’t interested in the topic.

Sat staring blankly at my computer screen for a few minutes.

Pulled up my editor to start a blog post; I may not want to post about the fact that I’m an idiot, but surely I want to post about something, right?

Stared blankly at my computer screen for a few more minutes.

Started typing, which produced the work of art you see before you.

My life is so exciting I can hardly stand it!


Anonymous said...

I hope you're not looking for people to disagree with the fact that you know you are an idiot?