Monday, January 23, 2006

Conservative Party AGAIN

I have an update to my update. For those of you who are new to the blog, here’s what happened earlier:

  1. Without asking permission, the Conservative Party candidate in our riding put some huge signs up on our fence, illegally, without asking our permission.
  2. We called the guy’s campaign headquarters, to complain, and get them to take the signs down. They agreed.
  3. They didn’t do it.
  4. We called again, and they finally came to take the signs down.
Now here’s the update: on Sunday, they came and put up signs on our fence again!

I guess they figured it was the day before the election, so they’d like to get as much exposure as possible while they still could. We felt we didn’t have time to waste, so we took the signs down ourselves—we practically lept out of the car while it was still rolling, to get them off the fence as quickly as possible—and called them to complain again.

Now Andrea has been researching the issue, and we’ve found out who at Elections Canada we can report the issue to. (Apparently it’s a local City of Toronto by-law, but it’s enforced by Elections Canada somehow.) So we have to write a letter to them, which we’ll be doing tonight.