Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I wouldn’t exactly call this a “New Year’s Resolution”, but I’ve decided to get myself back in shape. It just coincidentally happens that I started Monday, which was the first night of the new year. (I know, Sunday night was actually the first night of the new year. But we were at Andrea’s aunt’s, that night, having more good food, so I couldn’t start then.)

I keep saying “night” because the major thing I’ve decided to do is go for a walk/jog every night after supper. It’s both a walk and a jog because I only jog part of the way—I know my limitations, and right now I’m not able to jog all the way around the block. Which is some indication of how out of shape I really am right now. (Although it’s not as bad as you think; “around the block”, for me, is about 1.7km, according to Google Maps and a make-shift ruler.) So I start out walking, and then about halfway I start jogging, and then when I can’t go any further, I go back to walking. All I want, really, is to get my heart working, and try to improve my cardiovascular system.

I’ve also decided to make more of an effort to eat fruit every day, and take some vitamins. But I think the exercise is the main thing. I’m not planning to do anything about my diet, at this point; if there is no improvement at all, I might have to consider it, but for the time being, I’m leaving my eating the way that it is.


Anonymous said...

Eat Me.