Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Diet and Exercise

First of all, let me just say this: I have not given up on my resolution to get exercise every night, and eat more fruit.

However, my plan has hit a snag, and that snag is weekends: Friday nights, I have Youth Group, which makes it unlikely that I’d be able to get home in time to go out for a jog. (I normally get home just in time to fall into bed.) Saturdays are also probably going to be bad, because we have plans most Saturdays. (I forget what we did this past Saturday, but I know that I wasn’t able to go out walking/jogging.) So the first two thirds of most weekends is probably going to be shot. Sundays are probably going to be fine, for the most part, but not always. (We went to a prayer meeting this past Sunday, which meant I wasn’t able to go out then.)

And then I was out last night picking up my package, which means that last night got messed up, too. Which means that I haven’t been out for a walk/jog in more than half a week.

But at least I have a repaired Axim now, so the next time I do go out jogging (which should be tonight) I can bring along Windows Media Player and listen to music...