Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Cartoon

EDIT: Warning! This post is out of date! I’ve finally taken the plunge, and uploaded the video to YouTube. You can see it on my blog here, or on YouTube here.

Don’t bother following the instructions given in this entry, because I’m removing the video from the link below.
Ah, forget it. Rather than trying to figure out if I want to join Google Video, I’ll just post a link here to my cartoon. In order to enjoy the cartoon properly, you’ll need to have your sound turned on. (No, this isn’t one of those cheezy things where everything is peaceful and then suddenly a face jumps out at you and yells “Boo!”)

1. You can follow this link to go to my Yahoo! Briefcase site, where I put a copy of the movie. There will be a list of folders (of which there was only one, when I wrote this):

2. Click the link called movies. This will list all of the movies I’ve saved there (of which there was only one, when I wrote this):

3. Right-click the movie name, and choose Save Target As:

4. Save the file (which is a WMV) on your computer.

5. Watch and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

hehehehehe, well that entertained me for about 2 minutes. Encore!