Friday, January 27, 2006

It's never going to end!

I had finally made a decision as to what device to get, out of the two choices I was looking at. Although the RAZR has “coolness factor”, the SMT 5600 has “geek factor”, which is more important to me. So I decided to get the SMT 5600, and am just waiting for the price to go down on Rogers’ website. (They raised the price after Christmas. Go figure.)

I’m even learning to program for it. I had written a quick ’n dirty little application for my Axim, and I’m currently figuring out how to port it from the PocketPC 2003 operating system to the PocketPC SmartPhone operating system.

But I realized something today: With the SmartPhone operating system, Microsoft didn’t include an application for viewing “notes”. In Outlook, you have a Notes section, where you can enter little text notes to yourself, and I synchronize these with my PocketPC. For example, I can maintain my grocery list in a note, and anytime I think of something new to add, I can add it; and if I’m on the road, I can add it in my Axim, and it will sync back with my computer, and the two will be up to date with the same grocery list. Or if I have some particular piece of information I need to remember, like a username on some particular web site I hardly ever visit, I can put it in a note, and whenever I need to remember it, I can just pull out my Axim, and read it.

So now I’ll have to figure something else out for the SmartPhone...


Anonymous said...

I applaud your decision not to choose the RAZR as many people call in and complain about them at work.