Monday, June 27, 2005

The Weekend

Had a fairly full weekend, but not too stressful.

Friday night was go karting with the Youth Group. But only two of the youth showed up, along with myself and another leader. (Actually, that's not true. Another guy showed up, and then decided to leave since none of his friends were there, and another leader showed up, and we told her she could go home, since we already had a one to one leader to youth ratio. Plus, another leader called me on my cell, and asked if she was needed, and we told her she wasn't. So really, it was only the two guys and the two leaders who actually stayed for the go karting.)

The four of us went go karting anyway, and had a pretty good time, except that:

  • The wheel on my car was so hard to turn that I went home with majorly sore arms.
  • There was a couple there, I'm assuming on a date, and the girl got hurt. (From what I can tell, she drove straight into the wall, and hurt her hand. Probably on that damnable steering wheel...)
But before you get any sexist notions about girls and go karting, she didn't get hurt because she was driving badly. In fact, at one point I cut her off pretty badly (although I pulled it off very well, I must say), and then shortly after she got me back and cut me off just as well.

On a related side note, I think the perfect people to match up against in go karting are a couple out on a date. The guy will be so busy trying to impress his date that he will go out of his way not to be a jerk, and the girl will often go ahead and compete well, but without the male testosterone-soaked competitiveness getting in the way.

So that was Friday. Saturday I had a family reunion, and dragged my better half to it with me. In fact, I made her drive on the way there, for two and a half hours. So I got some quality reading time, and she got some valuable highway driving experience. The reunion itself was nice, all of my relatives are very friendly, but there was a country band there, and after a few hours, we'd both had our fill of country music. (She was relieved that we'd been listening to Asian Dub Foundation and The Roots in the car, so she had some good music along with the country that day...) Not that we have anything against country, but enough is enough and too much is too much.

Sunday was our church picnic. Had a good time there, too, except that a bunch of the kids decided that I would make a good target for water guns and water balloons. I suppose my pastor is happy about that, because it means they weren't targetting him, as they usually do. But it was all in good fun, so I didn't mind.

So all in all, a good weekend, but with a lot of sun. Luckily, I covered myself up nicely with sunscreen, so I'm not burnt.


Anonymous said...

hehehe I hardly got any water on me. I got some funny pictures of you soaked, so I'm happy. Hehehe!