Thursday, June 23, 2005


I was downtown last night, for an event, and it was hot, so of course everyone resorted to wearing flip-flops, instead of shoes or sandals.

I'm just going to lay my cards on the table on this issue: flip-flops are ugly. They were ugly 20 years ago, and they're just as ugly now. They're not even comfortable, with that little plastic thing in between your toes, so the one saving grace they would have had, they don't. (I tried them when I was a kid, a couple of decades ago, and I definitely didn't find them comfortable.)

And let me be clear on the word "ugly": I'm not exaggerating, to try and make a point. I'm not overstating things because I'm opinionated. This isn't a situation where I think that other types of footwear look better than flip-flops, so I'm saying "they look ugly" to make my case. Rather, the situation is this: they are ugly.

The strange thing is not that they came back into fashion; the strange thing is that they came back into fashion exactly the same as they were 20 years ago! I mean, platform shoes were ugly in the 70's, and they came back into fashion in the 90's, but they came back into fashion with a "90's twist"; they were sort of the same, but the style had also been updated to look more 90's. But flip-flops look exactly the same today as they did when I was a kid. Same material, same style, same colours, same everything.

Now, I realize that some of the regular readers of this blog might like flip-flops. In fact, I'm pretty sure a high percentage of the regular readers wear them. And my intention isn't to insult anyone - although I'm sure that will happen. So if you want to fill up the comments on this post telling me how out of it I am, or how insulted you are, feel free to do it.

Just put something else on your feet before you do!


Anonymous said...

I love flip flops! they're pretty and they ARE comfortable, u just have to find the right ones. I NEVER wear plastic ones, they hurt in between ur toes, mine are made out of soft fabric :P and they're the same ones as kaitlyn , so we match! anywho..for girls..they are pretty but please only wear them if u have a pedicure. I hate flip flops on guys though...its just..wrong.