Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Prayer meeting

I'm on the board at my church, and a while ago we had a board meeting, and talked about prayer, and the fact that prayer meetings are so badly attended at my church. And one of the things that I realized at that meeting is that I'm not going to prayer meetings, and I should be. (I already knew I wasn't going, obviously, the revelation was that I should be.) Of course, I'm very busy, but there are Wednesday nights when I'm free, and could make it.

So I decided that I'd better put it on my calendar, because if it's not in my PDA, it's not in my brain. And so I did. And every Wednesday, it goes off, and reminds me that there will be a prayer meeting in a few hours.

And then the next Wednesday I couldn't make it, because I was busy. The Wednesday after that, I went, for the first time in too long. And then... every single Wednesday since then, I haven't been able to make it. Either my wife was working late, or I was, or something else came up, and I just couldn't get out.

And that was going to be the story tonight, as well, because we were supposed to meet up with some friends who are leaving the country tomorrow. But they have to pack, since they're leaving the country tomorrow, which means that I'm free now. So I can finally go to prayer meeting again tonight, after way too long.

The End