Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pirates ho!

We were out with some friends recently, and I mentioned that I'd like to see the movie Collateral. One of my friends mentioned that she had it on DVD, and offered to lend it to me, which she did.

The DVD was a pirated(sp?) DVD, which, frankly, I wasn't overly worried about. It played in my DVD player, and that's all I cared about.

But after a few minutes, I started to realize that the music was really bad for this movie. "Who did they get to do the soundtrack?!?" I wondered. By the time we got about 15 minutes into it, my wife finally convinced me what was happening:

Apparently, when the pirates were capturing the movie (camera in a theatre?), they didn't get the music very well. So they decided to, get this, add their own music! My wife noticed pretty quickly that she could hear two pieces of music playing at some times, some classical stuff and some really bad rocky stuff on top of it. (I didn't hear both pieces of music for a while, because my ears apparently don't work very well.)

So the music was so distracting that we eventually had to give up on it. It's not that it was two soundtracks at once, and it's not that the music didn't really match the scenes, and it's not even that the music was really, really bad. It's that all three of those things were happening at once.

I'll have to rent it sometime (or wait for it to come out on TMN), so that I can see what it's actually supposed to sound like.