Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why this blog is boring

Well, maybe that title is a bit misleading. There are probably numerous reasons why this blog is boring, and I can’t go through it all. But one reason is that I don’t write about the things that I actually know!

Some examples:

  • I’m a self-proclaimed computer nerd, yet I don’t write about computer stuff. (Most of the reason for this is that I purposely don’t write about work, so there goes a lot of my computer-related material right there.)
  • I play guitar, but I don’t think I’ve ever written about music here. Sure, maybe a post or two about CDs that I liked or disliked, but not really about music.
  • I’m a Christian, which is probably the biggest defining aspect of my life, personality, viewpoint, etc., but I hardly write about religion or religious issues here. (I have the serna Bible Blog, of course, but I don’t write about it much here.)
  • I’m married—the second most important defining aspect of my life, personality, viewpoint, etc.—but I don’t write much about married life, either, because I want to keep our personal life personal.
So what do I end up writing about? I’m left putting up posts about how many blogs are boring, and how I’m not drinking coffee lately, and reviews of Chomsky books—which actually just end up being summaries instead of reviews.

It’s a good thing I’m only posting for my own benefit, and not yours. Otherwise this blog would be a miserable failure…