Monday, January 08, 2007


For someone who never used to drink much coffee, it’s a bit surprising how many blog posts I write on that topic these days…

I’ve decided—again—to give up coffee for a while. I think it’s making my teeth yellow. (Or, at least helping, anyway.) But now I have a problem: What am I going to drink, in the mornings, when I used to have my morning coffee?

I’m not so much drinking coffee for the caffeine; it’s more of a habit, or a routine. I get in to the office, I fire up the laptop, and I run down to grab a coffee, which I then sip as I read my morning emails, and begin my working day. Even as I type that, it sounds so nice. (I also occasionally grab a coffee in the afternoon, if I have a slow few minutes, but I could easily replace that with a Nestea or something.)

The other problem I might have is addiction; I’ve been averaging two coffees a day, for the last few months, during the week. If I suddenly stop, I may very well start getting headaches or something, until it’s out of my system.

And, now that I think about it, there is a third problem I might have: Isn’t Roll up the Rim season around the corner, for Tim Hortons? Or is that later in the year?