Thursday, January 04, 2007

Minutes nonstop

The title doesn’t mean anything. Don’t try to read into it.

I realize I haven’t been posting with regularity, lately. It’s almost to the point where I’m posting more to the serna Bible Blog than I am here. (That’s an exaggeration. You don’t need to go there and check, and then come back here and comment on how bad my counting skills are.)

I posted a while ago—November, to be exact—about the paper towel dispensers in my bathroom at work. Well, it’s even worse now: they’ve actually removed the old paper towel dispensers. So now we’re forced to use the mechanical ones, that don’t work properly. I was going to put up a picture of the holes in the wall where the old dispensers were, but I haven’t felt like taking out my camera phone in the washroom again.

I’ve begun the process—which will probably be a long process—of investigating hybrid cars, because Andrea and I have decided that we’ve put quite enough carbon monoxide into the air, thank you very much, and we need to start reducing that. However, I haven’t yet found a good source of information, comparing the different hybrids, which is why I’m at square one. (Which is why I’m expecting the information gathering process to be a long one.)

And that’s all for now. Maybe soon my brain will turn back on, and when the thoughts begin to flow once more, I’m sure some of them will end up here.