Monday, January 15, 2007

Testing the new Template

serna Perma Post

After all of the hooplah, I’m finally changing the blog template, to use the new Blogger features. You can ignore this post, as I’m just putting it up to test the different things I need to implement in the new template.

Heading 1

  • I’m a bulleted list
  • I have various bullets
  1. I’m a numbered list.
  2. I also have various bullets.

Heading 2

This paragraph has some italics, and some bold, some code-styled text, a link, and a definition span.

Heading 3

Here’s an MSN conversation:

someone says:
Are you FINALLY changing your blog template?

sernaferna says:
Yes. Yes I am.

And here’s a script—not that I use this very often, but hey, I’d better do it.
  • The Script
  • by sernaferna
  • INT: the office
  • serna is at his keyboard, typing the most pointless blog post ever
  • serna
  • (in annoyance)
  • Why am I bothering to make sure to copy over the “script” styles, when I barely use them?
And here’s a quotation (blockquote):

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, eleifend accumsan massa pellentesque ante justo quisque, varius blandit nascetur dictum. Cras turpis molestie sit, suspendisse et magna massa ipsum. Gravida vivamus a duis id molestie, maecenas at tincidunt ac turpis tempor. Sodales lorem magna, quis erat sit turpis, nulla placerat ipsum ac lorem nec, rutrum commodo massa. Ultricies accumsan dui, in sem non in erat, viverra nulla luctus, sed enim placerat dictumst. Nibh eget scelerisque mauris. Gravida semper vel perferendis vel, volutpat sagittis, aliquam enim lobortis volutpat dolorem vestibulum. Non justo amet amet a, lectus risus euismod sollicitudin fusce, tortor saepe tincidunt vel. Dictumst donec gravida, suspendisse wisi accumsan vel, pharetra dapibus sodales ultrices aenean feugiat sed.

Ante amet neque. Sagittis velit id ornare, sollicitudin gravida morbi sed vel, etiam adipiscing enim, conubia integer aenean. Dis risus, tincidunt nostra risus. Placerat at posuere. Nulla tincidunt diam, auctor posuere wisi nec. Luctus augue, a volutpat ut. Lectus nibh, suspendisse quis varius. Ullamcorper omnis vestibulum quam sed, rhoncus neque ultrices libero euismod nonummy, sit mauris faucibus, ac sapien adipiscing nulla dapibus dolores, ac velit in justo et eleifend. Malesuada tempor pellentesque felis tortor lacus dui. In nec, cursus imperdiet ipsum est porta, mauris elit sit, mauris dolor magnis. Molestie augue mus.

That’s all I can think of. Hopefully this won’t take long—and most people will never bother looking at this post.


David Hunter said...

This is a test comment. It's not important.

David Hunter said...

This is a second test comment, just to see what multiple comments looks like.