Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Coffee, coffee, coffee. Again with the coffee!

Since I stopped drinking coffee, I still haven’t had any. I haven’t “fallen off the wagon”, as it were. I really miss it, but I’m holding strong.

But here’s the thing: as mentioned, the reason I’m giving it up is that I’m trying to whiten my teeth—but it’s not working. It’s been over a week, since I started using the product, and I haven’t noticed any difference. It’s possible that there is some difference, and I just haven’t noticed it from day to day, but the box said that you should notice some results after seven days, and I didn’t.

I was initially planning to do pictures every day, so that I could then compare them. (I might even have thrown them together into a movie, and put it up on YouTube—now that, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, would have been the ultimate serna video: gross and boring! Unfortunately, the first day I used the product, when I should have taken the “before” picture, I was in a rush, and was finding it too difficult to take a picture of my own teeth. (Try it sometime; I think you’ll find it’s harder than you might think.)

Oh well. Monday will be the last day I’m using the strips; I’m sure I’ll start drinking coffee again on Tuesday. I’d planned to leave my teeth nice and white and sparkly for a while, before I went back to the coffee, but since it doesn’t look like that will happen, I won’t really have anything to lose, by going back to coffee!