Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday already? Time for a “how my weekend went” post!

Although I took Friday off work, meaning I had a long weekend, I don’t actually have much to post about.

After I posted my Chuck post, I had a rare [for me] moment of “blogger’s remorse”. Would Chuck smile when he saw it, or get offended? I hope the former, and not the latter. But for all I know, he’s got me blocked on MSN Messenger, now…

We went back to Blenheim, to stay with my parents, and brought James with us for the ride, meaning that he had to put up with our taste(s) in music for 6 hours. (3 hours there Thursday night, and 3 hours back Saturday night.)

We went to a family reunion on Saturday afternoon, which was fun, except that there weren’t as many people there as usual, and it was cold and raining. It was good to see Grandma, though. She had a great time. Mom brought a bag of cherries, and I think I ate more than half the bag by myself. And took the rest with me, when we came back to Toronto. I didn’t realize I like cherries so much, but apparently I do.

We also stopped in to see Jer and T while we were in Blenheim/Chatham. Alexis was crying a lot—colic?—which was different from the previous time I’d visited her, when she didn’t make a sound the whole time. Parenting seems to be treating Jer and T well; they seem very happy, if a little tired. Or a lot tired. Or maybe they’re not happy at all, maybe they’re just delirious from lack of sleep?

Since I was away on Friday, I didn’t update the serna Bible Blog, but hopefully I’ll get back on track starting today. (I won’t bother trying to post twice, though. It’s not like I have an actual schedule I’m trying to follow.) On Thursday I made a minor change to that blog’s template, which seems to fix the way images work in Firefox. I don’t know how many of my readers use Firefox, and everything was working fine in Internet Explorer, so it might not have been affecting anyone but me, but still, it bugged me.

And that’s assuming that anyone reads it in the first place, which isn’t necessarily a valid assumption. I know of one person who was reading it, but I don’t know if s/he continues to do so.

Also, since I mentioned it, if you haven’t yet tried Firefox, download it and give it a shot. If you’re like me, you won’t really notice much difference from Internet Explorer at first—except for the tabbed browsing, which is immediately useful—but it won’t take long before you’ll be using it as your primary browser. I had previously promised that I’d post a review of Firefox, but I never got around to it, and probably won’t bother now, so you can consider this paragraph to be my review.