Monday, July 17, 2006

Random thoughts from a trip downtown

Andrea and James and I had dinner on Friday. On my trip downtown, on the subway, the following things occurred to me:

  • Whenever I buy tokens from the people in the booths, it always seems like I could just sneak through, without dropping one of the newly purchased tokens into the bin. Once I’ve bought the tokens, it never seems like the person is paying attention, to see if I drop one of them in, when I continue in to the subway. Luckily I’m honest, so I haven’t put this to the test.
  • I had earlier been thinking of getting a RAZR, as a replacement for my cell phone. I’m glad I didn’t, because they’re now everywhere.
  • When taking the subway, some people instantly annoy me, while others instantly intrigue me. Of course, if I were to get to know any of these people, I’m sure the annoying people wouldn’t be as annoying as I thought, and the intriguing people wouldn’t be as intriguing as I thought. (Please note that when I say “intriguing”, I really mean “intriguing”, not “attractive”. They’re not the same thing.)
  • I hate ads for Yorkdale.
  • There is a very eclectic clientele at H&M. When I walk into most clothing stores, all of the people shopping there are dressed similarly, but not at H&M.
  • One of the people shopping at H&M on Friday was wearing very strong perfume.
  • I saw a t-shirt that said “You can stuff your”. I don’t know what it means; I can stuff my what? Is the shirt an insult, or an invitation? Or is it just intended to make me think?
That is all. It took much longer to type all of these thoughts into my phone, as they came to me, than it did to type them into my blog.