Sunday, July 09, 2006

Weekend Almost Over

I accomplished absolutely nothing, this weekend. Andrea was away for the weekend, meaning that I had the house to myself, but my only goal with my temporary freedom was to take some naps. Which I did. I also watched some TV—although not as much as you’d think—and caught up on some back issues of The Nation that had been piling up. (Although I’m still not fully caught up; I think there were three or four months’ worth, and it’s a weekly magazine.)

I also managed to get downtown Saturday afternoon, and catch some of the Toronto Street Festival. Which was fine, I suppose, although I’m not much of a street festival kind of guy. I also managed to get to HMV, and get some CDs, and since I was by the Eaton Centre, I stopped off at Mrs. Fields and got some treats. (When I was living downtown, I used to stop by Mrs. Fields on a regular basis, for goodies.)

I was expecting, being downtown, to get nostalgic for the downtown life, as I usually do. Luckily, the city didn’t seem the same, with the street festival going on, so it didn’t spark the same feelings.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been taking care of a very important issue, recently, that I haven’t been writing about, but things are looking good (knock wood); hopefully I’ll have something to report here soon.

And that’s about all that happened this weekend. This is my 479th post to the blog. The big 5-0-0 is coming soon. However, I don’t imagine I’ll be writing anything too historic, to mark the occasion. Probably just blathering on about blogging again, since that’s a perennial favourite of mine.


David Hunter said...

I wasn’t really paying attention as I wrote this, so I used bold and italics pretty much at random. Don’t try to hard to understand why I used one or the other at any point…

Anonymous said...

"Goodies"? That some sort of street slang for an 8-ball of crack?