Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What's wrong with my ears?!?

I went out to grab something for lunch today, and on my way past the security desk there was a guy talking to the security guards, and I could have swore I heard him say “I just want to fondle your bum”.

But I probably heard incorrectly. As you know, if we’ve met in person—or as you tell me over and over again, if you’re Andrea—my ears don’t work very well.

P.S. for lunch I grabbed a Montreal smoked meat sandwich from Druxy’s, which turned out to be not very good at all. Which surprised me, because I’ve gone there a couple of times in the past, for the same thing, and it’s always been great. The Rice Krispie Square was good, but let’s face it: it’s not hard to make a decent Rice Krispie Square. (Comparatively speaking, of course).

P.P.S. But if you want a really good Montreal smoked meat sandwich, go to Montreal. (I love to state the obvious...) There is even a specific deli that I would have sent you to, because they had great smoked meat sandwiches there (along with some local Montreal-brewed beer), but it closed down. So, I guess if you do go to Montreal, you should go to Reuben’s. I’ve never actually been, myself, but everyone says that’s the place to go, so you should go. Because everyone said to.